Welcome to our events page, this is the heart and soul of the club. We do all that we do in order to get together with people that for some reason have a connection with the Netherlands. It could be because they traveled there one time for two days, because they have a relative or friend from there, or because they moved to the great state of Arizona two weeks ago.

We love getting together with people that are passionate about the Netherlands and spend some time to honor all the great traditions that make the Netherlands a beloved country. 

Our friends in Tucson regularly meet downtown at the Dutch Eatery & Refuge near the UofA campus. Gezellig!

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​spelletjes dag in peoria (CANCELED)

dutch events in tucson

borrel uurtje (happy Hours)

For a second time, the Dutch Club of Arizona is organizing "Spelletjes Dag". This time we will gather at the home of Arthur and Cathy Benjamins in Peoria.

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This will be a potluck and BYOB event, the club will make sure to bring some board games, as well as water and soda. Feel free to bring your own games!!

In an effort to have different dishes, it would be great if we know what you are planning to bring and we will contact you after registration.
The address of the Benjamin's will be shared in the ticket or confirmation at the end, to not share their address with the entire state of Arizona. ;)

Sat, October 13, 2018
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST

Would you enjoy hanging out with fellow Dutchies and sharing a few drinks or appetizers? If so, our regular "borrels" are just the thing for you.
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