The Dutch Honorary Consulate was established in Phoenix in 1992. Its primary role is to provide support to Dutch nationals in Arizona. Especially to those who, at times, encounter major challenges. In addition, the Consulate gets involved in promoting economic ties between the Netherlands and Arizona and building partnership between Dutch and Arizona universities.

I hope to see you at the next meeting of the Dutch Connection! Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Siebe van der Zee
Honorary Consul

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a note from our honorary consul

Some 30 years ago a small group of Dutch individuals came together at the Orangetree (!) Resort in Scottsdale to discuss the possibility of forming a Dutch business association. At that time, KLM had expressed an interest in establishing a direct flight between Amsterdam and Phoenix. The enthusiasm of the Dutch community in Arizona was great and even though we are still hoping for a direct flight to Schiphol from Sky Harbor in the future this event formed the foundation of our current Dutch club.

There is growing number of Dutch citizens residing in Arizona. It is a rough estimate but there are approximately 3,000 Dutch nationals living in this State. There are also several Dutch companies that have operations in Arizona. For example, ASML, ASM International, NXP and Philips Healthcare are actively involved here, some of them for decades. It is also a point of Dutch pride that an increasing number of pilots form the Royal Dutch Air Force are receiving their training in Arizona for the F-16 in Tucson and, since this year, for the F-35 fighter jet at Luke Airforce Base.

Most Dutch people really enjoy living in this wonderful place. Whether it is the unlimited sunshine, the openness, or the easygoing lifestyle, for many it feels good to be a “Dutchie” in the desert. We are all grateful to the Dutch Connection of Arizona to give us a taste of Holland from time to time. Whether it is Dutch pancakes in the park, a special toast on King’s Day or a unique Sinterklaas celebration, we all enjoy the ties to our native country.